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We speak multiple languages

Pet parents are all over the world. While the English language is spoken globally, we want to help as many dogs and cats as possible and do not want language to be a barrier. Give us a call or use the contact form and we can chat in English, French, Italian, Serbian and Spanish.

If you are new to fish oils and dog supplements click here.

If you are unsure why supplements are needed in the first place, click here.


Wild Caught Salmon Based Supplements For Dogs USA Made Natural Pet Products

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Wild Caught Salmon Based Supplements For Dogs USA Made Natural Pet Products

Are Kos Tonics an End of Life Pet Product ?

Our K9 Oil Supplements are an all life stages supportive tonic for a dog and a cat. However, as pets age, they definitely need a bit of help. Our formula can assist with that.

Will this calm my dog ?

Yes. Stress relief and anxiety management was an important goal in our research and development process.

Do you have a supplement for a Senior Dog only ?

An additional focus was on elderly dogs with inflammation, joint issues and more. Due to the way key receptors are designed in the body of a canine dog (similar to humans), our product is appropriate for all ages.

Fish Oil Based Supplements for Dogs Frequently Asked Questions

What does it smell like ?

Simply put, it smells a bit like salmon / seafood. Similar to that of a high quality fish oil pill. Since it's all natural from wild caught salmon, it's also free of synthetics. The smell is not overbearing.

Is this a dog flea spray or clean up spray ?

NO. This is intended to be consumed orally. Follow the dosage instructions and mix it with their food (spray) or place it under their tongue (dropper).

Is my dog going to just lay around all day ?

Dogs are complex creatures. They react in different ways depending on their ailments and condition. This will stabilize them and allow them to feel sort of "normal". If they choose to lay around, they will. If they feel like playing again, they will. It is all up to them.

Are your dog supplements gluten free with no preservatives nor artificial flavors ?

YES. Not only is it organic, it's grain free, gluten free, contains no pesticides, no herbicides, no preservatives nor artificial anything. It's all natural. It's 100% USA Made. There is nothing in this that comes from overseas.

Do your supplements work for Cats ?

Yes. Since the biology of a cat is essentially the same as a dog, Our K9 Oil Supplements do work for cats. Use a much smaller dosage.

Why are supplements needed in the first place ?

This is a great question that requires a more detailed answer.  Click here to read the answer.

Brana V. (California)

Senior Cats

This stuff is truly a gift to my cats. I used it for 3 days as the instructions recommended and it has changed everything for the better.

Mary M. (Arizona)

American Pit Bull Terrier

My Rocko was a little rough around the edges. For some reason he was always on high alert and anxious. Within a week he mellowed out and seems much happier.

Jamie G. (Idaho)

German Shepherd

Typical hip issues for my German Shepherd began to present themselves. Although he is aging, thanks to this supplement, he sure does not seem to be in pain.

Cheryl A. (Texas)

Golden Retriever

I think my Golden ate too much plastic from one of her toys and it upset her stomach. I tried this and within days she was back to her usual playful self.

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Wild Caught Salmon Based Supplements For Dogs USA Made Natural Pet Products
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